The "Reto" CompanyGame 2015 (3rd edition) will allow the contestants to enrich and develop their entrepreneurial spirits and practice the skills needed in business management. With this competition, students will live a unique experience that will help them to enlarge their knowledge and learn to compete.

This competition/contest is open to all the Spanish speaking Ibero American universities. There is a single requirement that is that the contestants are asked to develop their activity at their home universities and that the students participating must be at least on their 5th semester.

During the two first editions, over 200 universities and more than 2000 students participated in the "Reto".


Teams are formed by 3 students each and they can participate managing a virtual company for 4 years on one of the following areas:


Management of a technological company working on different markets.


Management of the marketing department and commercialisation of a middle-sized company.


Management of a hospitality chain owning different types of hotels.


Strategic management of a bank both for personal and corporate customers.


Economic-financial management of a retail company.

Basis and Prizes


All the universities spanish speaking Ibero-American universities with students the students participating must be at least on their 5th semester.

Stages and Terms:

  • Terms: From March to April 2015.
  • Registration Stage. Teams will practice the business simulation throughout an introductory simulator. February-March 2015.
  • Primary Stage: Teams practice the simulation throughout an introductory simulator. March the 9th to the 25th 2015.
  • Categories Stage: Teams practice the simulation throughout an introductory simulator. March the 12th to the 24th 2015.
  • Final Stage: Execution of a final phase confronting the winners on each of the categories to determinate the champion of the challenge (dates to be confirmed).



50 free licenses for one of our simulators during 2015.


A Tablet such as a Samsung Galaxy or an IPAD Mini.


Diploma in Business Management Excellence and a MP4 audio player



“To win having so many teams competing is a great success, specially as it’s a competition where you had to demonstrate your skills on business management.”

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“It’s like seeing businessmen taking decisions on live. The simulator gives a level of “realism" that the training centre cannot achieve”

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“I’ve seen a real team work of cooperation between the three students; they spent an important amount of time on it”

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“We adapted our strategy taking into account the behaviour of the scenario, keeping an eye on our competitor’s strategy”

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The Book of Contestants

Several universities and companies have contacted us in order to obtain more information about the participants in the Challenges so they can enlarge their data bases as talent hunters.

That is why we recently created the Book of Contestants. Those who may be interested in universities and companies finding their profiles are invited to sign in.

The advantages of participating in the "Reto" and being added to the Directory are:

  • Having a visible profile in order to be contacted by companies with a project that may suit the contestant’s skills.
  • Highlight the participants’ profile so they can be contacted by universities offering specialised programs.
  • Make a public record of the participation in the CompanyGame Challenges on business management.